Drab to FAB! my 4 step system

By working through my 4 step system you’ll find it easier to put together nice outfits that genuinely suit you and make you look and FEEL good.

You'll have the freedom to find YOUR style and express who you are and dress with confidence. #bemoreyou

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I proudly present to you my tried and tested

Drab to FAB!

4 Step System

for Personal Style & Image Confidence

The 4 elements run through all of my work and depending on how deep you want to go will determine the right level for you to work through them.

Whether it's my gateway, self-study online programme that you work through at your own pace, through group coaching with a social and community aspect in a totally safe, non judgy space or a deeper dive with a bespoke 1:1 package - you can take your pick.

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The 4 Steps are 

1: Style Speaks

2: Colour Talks

3: Figure Flattering Styling

4: Lifestyle

1: Style Speaks

This step is about working out why you like what you like and WHAT your PERSONAL STYLE actually is.

When you have this bit sussed all of sudden it becomes clear why you have things in your wardrobe that you never wear and why that necklace that aunty Bridget bought you for your 40th birthday has never seen the light of day. You’ll be able to stop wrestling with those hangers in your wardrobe as you no longer compromise and have a streamlined wardrobe that makes you smile when you open it.

Covering topics such as first impressions, your style personality and style statement

2: Colour Talks

This step is about working out YOUR best colours to wear and how to put them together, so they truly ENHANCE your features.

When you have your colour, palette sorted you will save time and money because the items in your wardrobe will all coordinate beautifully, shopping becomes easier and more focused PLUS you’ll have a radiance about your skin and your eyes will sparkle. You’ll be leaving the boring black behind as you feel invigorated and excited to bring colour into your world.

Covering topics such as colour analysis, signature colours, rescuing colours

3: Figure Flattering Style

This step is where you learn about YOUR body type, shape and proportions so you can select styles that work with you rather than against your natural shape.

When you know about style guidelines it becomes obvious why that jacket has never looked right on you but looks amazing on your friend Karen. You will be able to quickly and easily filter out those less than confidence building clothes that really aren’t doing you any favours.

Covering topics such as shape, type, proportion, enhancing and disguising

4: Lifestyle

This step is where you begin to analyse HOW to make your wardrobe work for you in a practical way so that the contents are earning their keep.

When you start to look at your lifestyle needs and shop savvily to there’s no more buying for buying’s sake or having loads of nice going out clothes but nothing that lights you up for work. You’ll know where your wardrobe gaps are, and shop with focus, so that you end up buying fewer items but actually loving and wearing those that you’ve got. #

Covering topics such as capsule concepts, levels of dressing, workhorses and heroes

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Here are the different levels at which you can access my Drab to FAB! 4 Step System 4 Step for Personal Style & Image Confidence.


Foundation Level: Super Savvy Style Online Program £197 

This is a gateway, self-study online programme that you work through at your own pace. It includes downloadable resources that support the bite sized video content. You watch the lessons to suit your schedule and can repeat them on demand. The portal is accessible across your mobile, tablet or PC so you can log in whenever and wherever it’s convenient.

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Intermediate Level: Project FAB! £747

You will become a part of a supportive community at this level. This means that you have the opportunity to explore your personal style and image in more detail. You can implement your learning on a practical basis, experiment with things you fancy trying, have fun with other like-minded women on the same journey, ask me questions, and post your pictures for advice.  

There is a social and community aspect to this totally safe, non judgy space. We have optional informal get togethers via Zoom at 5pm each Thursday. These are an informal blend of group coaching, tutorials, member spotlights and an opportunity to have chats with the other group members - lots of fun combined with idea sharing and learning - PLUS of course, your opportunity to ask me questions in a 'LIVE' situation. 

The fun, supportive community vibe continues 365 days a year and your initial investment covers you for 6 months. This can be extended on a month-by-month basis as you set your own pace for your journey.

INCLUDES - Full personalised colour analysis reading with 50 colour swatch (value £167)

BONUS MATERIALS – full access to the Foundation Level Super Savvy Style course resources (value £197) 

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Advanced Level: Project FAB! PLUS from £2097

This level is where we take a deeper dive with a bespoke 1:1 package. It involves 6 x 1hr coaching sessions these can be booked to suit the pace you want to work. If you’d like a few quick fix strategies so that you can see fast results I’d advise front loading a couple of the sessions.

Then for maximum impact, along with sustainable results, having time to process and implement while still under my wing is the best way forward which is where the Project FAB! community can be utilised for 12 months (or if you prefer to keep it to just the two of us, we can extend your 1:1’s on a session-by-session basis).

INCLUDES - Full personalised colour analysis reading with 50 colour swatch (value £167)

BONUS MATERIALS – full access to the Foundation Level Super Savvy Style online program resources (value £197) 

PLUS the community support and group coaching included in Project FAB! (value £747) 

Project FAB! PREMIUM from £3497 - this package includes ALL of the above PLUS a day together where we can go through your wardrobe, trawl the shops or a combo of both - your choice!

So, you see by working with me, at whatever level, you’ll be able to stop the mindless rifling through the rails and scattergun approach to clothes shopping. No more wasting money on things you won’t wear. You’ll have a clear idea of what you like and why you like it, an insight to your personal style choices. You’ll buy fewer items, yet wear more of your wardrobe, become style savvy and enjoy expressing yourself. 

Let's have a virtual coffee to see if this would be the best fit for you.

Case Studies

There are walking talking case studies of women who’ve made changes by following my 4 step approach. Women like you who have permission to be themselves and are more comfortable in their own style, understanding why things work for them and how to put outfits together with confidence.



  • Lisa Newport Style

    “I now know how to choose and wear an outfit rather than just a set of clothes”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “I feel glamorous and happy with the way I now dress.”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “I am transformed!”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “Get 72 outfits from only a few items, save yourself some money, and a wardrobe full of clothes you'll never wear. Bloody brilliant!”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “I've got more confidence to be me ”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “I have an understanding of what makes me feel good. ”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “Game changer if you've lost your way and not wearing your wardrobe.”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “It feels good to be me again”

  • Lisa Newport Style

    “Very empowering!”