A business networking & personal development club for women who want to feel empowered, enlightened, entertained & energised. A heart centred community that has your back - we are female, authentic and ballsy.


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Step 3: Welcome to the fun, informative and supportive community! With full access to the exclusive FABcademy and more.



If you're looking for a vibrant community of heart-centred women in business to network with this it it! Connect with likeminded women, develop proper relationships that create a supportive, empowering environment to help you thrive in business and have fun at the same time.

FAB Network

it's for women who want...

  • personal development training
  • monthly networking meetings
  • thriving online community 
  • no cliquey-ness
  • a sense of camaraderie 
  • down to earth vibe
  • to feel welcomed
  • women empowering women
  • to make a difference
  • to avoid the twee

Bronze Membership - one annual payment of £400 OR £35pcm gives you access to

  • Online networking - connect at the online events, hear great speakers & network with likeminded women in business
  • Introductory meeting - I love to get to know more about you and your business, also I want to make sure you get the most from your FAB membership
  • Priority booking for all F2F meetings - as the seats are limited you will get first dibs on reserving your spot
  • Member's only forum - not on Facebook or want to start a conversation that is just for other member's eyes only? Use the private forum
  • WhatsApp Chat Group - support/chat in between meetings from the convenience of your phone
  • Member's badge - show that you're part of this FAB-U-LOUS community by adding the digital badge to your website and email footers
  • FABcademy personal development training vault - this is a library of resources that you may find useful in business, members are encouraged to contribute
  • Speaking opportunities you will be given the opportunity to share your expertise and showcase your skills 
  • Members directory entry - increase your visibility within the community by adding your profile information and links to your member page
  • Group Expert Status - every time you post or comment in the Facebook extended community your name will have the group expert badge next to it further raising your profile 
  • Exclusive member discounts 
  • Affiliate opportunities



Present you & your brand with confidence

£1800pa or £150pcm

  • Clarity - Develop awareness of how to express your personal  style & brand mindfully. 
  • Insight -Take a deep dive into exploring how to present yourself and your business authentically.
  • Confidence - Define & implement the fundamentals of your unique personal brand & style recipe. 

Arm yourself with the skills and know how to create the change so that you present yourself and your personal brand with confidence.


This package for personal branding presentation, style and image confidence is a wonderful blend of online self-study, community support and twice monthly mentoring and coaching with me.

It's designed to help you present you and your business with confidence. You will truly define and refine your personal style, gain design and presentation tips, gaining insight to showing up as your most fabulous self.

You will also have fun with like minded women as you experiment, explore, and develop your skills in a non judgy safe space. You set the pace that suits you. 

Includes ALL Bronze package FAB Network membership benefits PLUS :

  • Group training & coaching sessions 5pm first & third Thursdays of the month (recorded to watch at your leisure if you can't make it)
  • Personal Colour Analysis Reading
  • Project FAB! 12-month group membership in private Facebook group providing community support from myself and peers 365 days per year
  • Super Savvy Style online course resources - 4 modules each with 3 bite sized lessons around looking & feeling FAB including your best styles, shapes and colours to wear
  • Business Booster online course resources - 4 modules each with 3 bite sized lessons around presenting your business with confidence including tips for photos, graphics, pitching and presenting
  • Make Up for Your FAB 40's online course resources - step by step tutorials with product explanations & demonstrations
  • Option to download all recordings to listen as a podcast



For amazing women in business who ARE their brand. This is the ultimate personal brand identity package for presenting your most fabulous self in your business and life in general.

£6000pa or £500pcm

ELEVATE is the ultimate personal brand and style makeover package so that you cohesively present your most fabulous self as the face of your business.

✔️You're a busy lady, you have a successful business, you're competent and confident - really good at what you do.

✔️You're ready to have that same unshakeable level of confidence in knowing that you and your business always look (and feel) amazing.

✔️You are ready to step things up a notch and want to aesthetically reflect your awesomeness across the board – headshots, graphics, website etc.

✔️You are ready to review/overhaul your current branding so that it reflects who you are and draws in those ideal clients

✔️You are ready to feel liberated and stand true in your self-expression.  

✔️You’re ready to be rocking and OWNING your look, feeling 100% comfortable in your own skin.

✔️You worry you might be in a rut, playing it safe and secretly want to experiment with your look and jazz things up a bit whilst still being YOU

✔️You want to LOOK GOOD and FEEL FABULOUS by experiencing a bespoke 1:1 personal brand and style makeover package.

ELEVATE! Will give you clarity around your branding and personal style so that you are saying something about who YOU truly are as a woman in business and magnetically attracting your ideal clients.

Imagine how it will feel to represent yourself cohesively, and congruently with strong visuals that are truly aligned and authentically you.

Do you, hand on heart, feel totally confident with how you are presenting yourself and your business? If not, we should talk. It’s time to invest in yourself and your brand, ELEVATE to the next level for 2023.

Includes ALL Bronze & Silver package FAB Network membership benefits PLUS :

  • 12 Bespoke Consultancy, coaching & mentoring 1:1 sessions
  • Private WhatsApp 'hotline' support in between sessions


Upcoming Events

  • (2 hrs)

    How to Sell Without being a Dick by Tracy Baum

    How to sell yourself without being one of…

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    How to Sell Without being a Dick by Tracy Baum

    How to sell yourself without being one of those pushy annoying people that people try and avoid
    Learn: How to sell anything, how to have an effective sales conversation and how to close a sales call.

    Meet Tracy Baum
    Ex nurse, Ex social worker, Ex driving instructor, Ex customer service and training manager and whole load of stuff that would fill 5 pages of a CV.

    A lot of Exes all providing a shed load of experience in numerous settings that now enable me to work with others to get them to where they want to be.

    Mum to 2 fur babies and step mum to 17yr old on their way hopefully to uni later this year.

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    Square peg in a round hole - finding what's right for you by Margaret Saunders
    Finding our authentic self can be challenging. I'll share my story and learnings in the hope of helping others.

    We often start off on a path set for us by others but change is possible. Finding your tribe makes all the difference. The darkest days can lead to unexpected but amazing outcomes - never give up hope.

    Meet Margaret Saunders
    As the youngest of four, my life seemed clearly mapped out - I was the academic one. I did a degree in Applied Biology and landed a job as a Biologist in a split NHS/University department. I enjoyed my research career despite the lack of stability and never thought I would consider any other role. However, here I am now, establishing a business as a glass artist after 30+ years in academia/NHS. My talk will explain how I ended up in such a completely different position and the lessons I've learnt along the way.

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NB You can attend twice as a visitor to check out the vibe and decide if membership is for you, simply buy a ticket for the meeting you want to attend.