Scarf tying and other tips in eBook format plus video links

GBP 5.00

Your blueprint to dressing with ease

GBP 38.50

Teaching you to apply make up with confidence - step by step video tutorials

GBP 57.00

Online tutorials - guiding you step by step

Learn about yourself and your personal style in a gently structured way

GBP 57.00

Challenging the way, you think and feel about yourself and your wardrobe.

30 days of prompts to guide your reflection, inviting you to investigate things that may be influencing it and explore new ideas. You’ll have a clearer idea of what you like and why you like it, an insight to your personal style choices. So that you buy fewer items yet wear more of your wardrobe and become style savvy.

Self Study Online Program - the gateway to my Project FAB! 4 step framework

GBP 197.00

Super Savvy Style - gateway to my Project FAB! 4 step system 12 Bite sized videos to watch at your leisure supported by downloadable resources

Online consultation with ongoing support thereafter

GBP 167.00

Present you and your brand with confidence

GBP 1,800.00

The ultimate personal branding package for the discerning woman in business

GBP 6,000.00

No more making do - Your guide to confidence with colour & clothes

GBP 13.99

An A-Z of colour combinations to inspire you

GBP 7.00

Helping you figure out why somethings in your wardrobe work better than others

GBP 7.00